In Town 3/4 League Overview

What is the In Town 3/4 Program?

The In Town 3/4 Program will offer kids a stepping stone between In Town 1/2 Program and the Traveling League, focusing on fundamental skills enhancement and learning how to play on a team. Emphasis will be on applying their skills in a game, learning plays, sportsmanship and teamwork. It will offer fun group clinic instruction, team instruction, games and a year-end Jamboree. Kids will receive equal play time. The program will provide kids a non-pressure environment that will help take their skills to the next level.

Girls 3rd & 4th grade does not have an in-town option at this time. They will play in the SCYBA league (South Clackamas Youth Basketball Association). Practices will be local with games in Canby and area cities (Molalla, Colton, Estacada, North Marion, Whiskey Hill, etc..)

8/1/2018 : Registration is open

For the In-Town 3/4 placements, teams will be equally divided based on kids' ages, years of experience, height, and parent feedback. Placement day helps with team divisions.

Boy's 3rd Grade Placement - Saturday 9/29, 4pm - 5:20pm @ Baker prairie Middle School

Boy's 4th Grade Placement - Saturday 9/29, 5:30pm - 7pm @ Baker prairie Middle School

Note regarding 4th Grade TRL Boy's Team - All 4th graders will try out together. If you registered for the 4th grade Three Rivers League team (traveling/competitive) and do not make the team you will be charged for the in-town rate. 4th graders that register after 9/29 will only be placed in the in-town league.

Girl's 3rd & 4th Grade Placement - Tuesday 10/2, 5-6pm @ Baker Prairie Middle School

3rd and 4th grade boys and girls.
Please register your child for the grade level that he/she is currently in. If you feel your child has the skills to play at a higher level, please email the coordinator for the program you would like your child to play in.

Registration fee: $150.00. Registration fees includes Jersey


Feel free to email the In Town League coordinator Nicolle Cofflin.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Please email us at