Girls Competitive Team Rosters 2018-2019
Posted Oct 4, 2018

Thank you everyone who came out to the girls evaluations this week. We had a great turnout which created some very difficult discussions. It looked like many of the girls continued to develop their skills over the summer and I see great things in Canby's basketball future!

With such competition, there will undoubtedly be a few people from each grade that feel like they should have been put on a higher level. Your concerns are warranted but I assure you that all of our CJB board and evaluators analyzed every angle before constructing these teams. When constructing a team we look at more than just talent. For example your daughter might be the 7th best player in her grade - but only the 3rd best point guard. Do we put her on A knowing that her playing time will be limited and that the team will suffer with a heavy guard rotation? Putting her on a B team would increase her playing time - she will benefit more from learning how to carry the scoring load, leading a team and having the ball in her hands during critical situations. When constructing a team, it comes down to putting your child in the best position possible for her to succeed and improve over the course of the season.

We had around 100 girls to place on various teams throughout the various grade levels. We brought in external evaluators to complement our community evaluators, and pored over the data. Combine the numbers and the effort of our evaluators to make intentional decisions, with the fact that no players were cut, and we feel like we've had a great few days of tryouts!

With that being said Id like to introduce the CJB 2018-2019 Girls teams.

Coaches will be assigned after interviews on 10/10/18.  

I will be available to answer any questions or concerns - all I ask is that you take the next few days to process the information before firing off an email. All of the CJB board members (myself included) are volunteers who also work, so please be patient on response times......

Thank you and good luck this season!

Mike Smith

Girl's Traveling Coordinator


Girls 8th Grade Gold (TRL)

Annie Bafford

Emma Boit
Ava Carroll
Willow Conroy
McKenna Kraft
Alyssa Martinez
Tyler Olson

Taylor Pierson
Marissa VanHoose
Coach:  Alison Nizer

Girls 8th Grade Bronze (TRL)

Zahara Briggs
Jazmin Diaz
Kate Mayfield
Josie McCord
Kylee Packard
Junnie Velasquez
Jasmin Vineyard
Alyssa Williams
Coach:  Kierra Henderson

Girls 7th Grade Gold (TRL)

Isa Arredondo
Kylee Baumgartner
Daisy Boling-Schmidt

Zoie Fulks
Jaden Haynes
Kacey Janzen
Kylah Parker
Leah Smith
Coach:  Mike Smith

Girls 6th Grade Gold (TRL)

Karsen Anderson

Samantha Astorga
Tayla Borntrager
Harmony Davies
Gracie English
Makayla Ford
Zabdy Gomez
Ellie Imdieke
Marlo Johnson
Isabella Martinez
Coach:  Ben Johnson

Girls 6th Grade Silver (TRL)

Gracie Carter
Elisha Castaneda
Lydia Hesse
Ava Grace Kennelly
Berkley Lowden
Lilian Mitchell
Kiera Scharmota
Kindra Slagle
Isabell Taylor
Gabriella Walker
Coach:  Nick Carter

Girls 6th Grade Bronze (TRL)

Allison Hayzlett
Nicole Hoffert
Holland Jackson
Natalie Kern
Sophia Pattershal
Katie Spillum
Gracie Vandeberghe
Megan VanValkenburg
Aubry Wohlers
Coach:  Jarrod Kern

Girls 5/6 Willamette Valley (Rec)

Mason Buck
Audrey Burke
Grace Colvin
Moira Dietz
Juniper Hanson
Adrian Molamphy
Hayden Olson
Madison Skogman
Lauren Sweet
Julissa Torrez
Coach:  TBA

Girls 4th Grade Gold (TRL)

Preslee Bafford
Emma Delzer
Grace Evans
Autumn Hesse
Seoul Rice
Lucy Snyder
Ruby Tilden
Katelyn Vissers
Kristin Vissers
Piper Wechter
Coach:  Mindy Tilden

Girls 3/4 Willamette Valley (Rec) - Blue

Karaline Crum
Claire Howard
Bree Johnson
Kellie Mathers
Taylor McFarlane
Krissanne Miller
Adelynn Smith
Sophia Traver
Coach:  Jill Carter

Girls 3/4 Willamette Valley (Rec) - White

Brooklyn Boyd
Izabel Brown
Addison Carter

Leila Kennelly
Lucy Mayfield
Kate Reece
Megan Sweet
Addie Wilcox
Coach:  Ryan Wilcox


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